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Title: 受信と発信を目指す「学びの共同体」 : 対話型の授業
Other Titles: Aiming for "Reception" and "Expression" in "A Learning Community" : Interactive Dialogue Lessons
Authors: 武田, 緑
Keywords: 対話型の授業
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2011
Citation: 文化外国語専門学校紀要 24(2011-02) pp.1-32
Abstract:  小中学校など学校教育の現場でも、留学生への日本語教育の現場でも、一斉授業からの脱却が提言され、 協働(協同)という概念が使われて久しい。対話により社会的な人間関係を構築する能力は学習における重要な位置づけとなってきている。2009年度1組では、教室を学習者同士が作り上げる共同体として、一人ひとりが受信と発信ができる時間を重要視し、対話型の授業を年聞を通してカリキュラムに取り入れた。受信は学習者自身が教材に向き合う時間であり、また、他者からの発信を得る時間である。発信は学習者の中にあるものを言語化し、他者に表出する時間である。本稿では先行研究を概観した後、5つの授業実践を紹介する。また参与観察、及び質問紙によるアンケートの結果から、対話による学習者の学びを分析、考察した。
 lt is proposed that there be a reduction in simultaneous classroom instruction in Japanese language classes for foreign students and in elementary and junior high school education in Japan, with the concept of collaboration having being used for a long time. The ability to create social human relationships through dialogue is also becoming an important aspect of learning. In 2009, the time students could convey their thoughts and listen to the thoughts of their peers was regarded as important in class 1. The class was treated as "a community of learning" which was created by the students, and interactive dialogue lessons were incorporated in the curriculum throughout the year. "Reception" is a time for students to understand the learning materials and listen to the thoughts of their peers. "Expression" is a time for students to describe their thoughts to their peers. This paper begins by reviewing previous studies in this field and then introduces five teaching practices. It analyzes and discusses student learning through dialogue with reference to the results obtained by observation and also from a questionnaire.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10457/1252
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